Cuisine in Hong Kong

Discover the delights of Hong Kong cuisine

There are few places in the world that take their food as seriously as Hong Kong. Considering that their common greeting is 'Sik tzo fan may', which means 'have you eaten'? The Apartments in Hong Kong are too small to entertain guests, so eating out is a communal affair and with more than 6000 restaurants in the city, there is always a new eatery to discover.

Cuisine is a type of art form in Hong Kong, they have all types of combinations such as, sweet with sour, crunchy with smooth, bland with sharp and hot with cool. Seafood is perhaps the most popular in this city and the Chinese are very particular about their fish, they demand the freshest seafood available, which often means they choose their fish from the restaurant's fish tank instead from the menu. The fish is usually savored whole after steaming it and topping it with ginger and onions.

Another favourite in Hong Kong is Peking Duck. This duck can be eaten not only as one dish but it can be divided into a great three course meal. Firstly the chef will baste the duck with dark syrup and roast it over a charcoal fire. Secondly he will give a big demonstration taking the duck to the table and carving it up in front of the consumers. The first course is the skin, which will be removed by the chef with a razor-sharp knife. The second course will be the tender meat that is covered in a sweet sauce and presented in a crepe-like wrap. The third and final course will be a soup that consist of the duck, cabbage, and mushrooms.

Even the most fastidious gourmets will be thoroughly satisfied in Hong Kong. Luxury restaurants, friendly teahouses, lively dai pai dong (street-side stands), and dessert houses all swarm into Hong Kong.


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