Transport in Hong Kong

Transport in Hong Kong

By Plane

Hong Kong has a brand new airport, known as Chep Lap Kok. The huge Chep Lap Kok airport has won many awards, and it is something Hong Kong can be proud of. This airport is served daily by a few major airlines such as, the Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong Airways and a few other such as British Airways.

By Bus

Hong Kong has a extensive bus system that offers a bewildering number of routes that will take you just about anywhere in Hong Kong. Most people in the south side of Hong Kong Island use the buses, while the north side and most of Kowloon are well-served by the Mass Transit Railway (MTR). Most of the bus services in Hong Kong is fairly cheap and comfortable, the only downside is that they may become a little crowded at times. Its final destination is written in Chinese and English on the sign at the front, but you'll have to squint to see the English squeezed in above the Chinese.

By Train

Hong Kong has one of the world's most modern metro systems, the Mass Transit Railway. The MTR is very clean, fast, comfortable and safe. The trains run every two to four minutes from 06:00am to 01:00am on four lines. The service runs over 43.2km through 38 stations in the heart of Hong Kong and keeps an average of at least 2.4 million moving everyday, which makes it one of the most heavily utilized mass transit systems in the world. The fares are very cheap ranging from HK$4,00 to HK$12,00.

By Taxi

Hong Kong has an abundance of taxi services, they are everywhere and they are very cheap, starting at HK$15. This is a fast way of traveling and they are generally very safe. The only downside is that most taxi drivers have a limited English vocabulary, so it can be quite useful to ask your hotel to write your destination in Chinese so that the driver knows exactly where you are going.

By Minibus

Hong Kong has an extensive minibus network, that usually seats 16 people. You can stop a minibus in the same way that you do an ordinary taxi, they will stop almost anywhere. They are fairly cheap with prices starting at HK$4,00 up to HK$20,00. Change will usually be handed to you when you get off. Their final destination is usually written on the front window in Chinese and English.

By Tram

A tram is a great Hong Kong experience. You have to ride on a tram on your trip in Hong Kong even if it is just for fun. You can simply jump on a passing by one and blend in with the people. They cost HK$2,00 for the ride, no matter how short or how long, and they don't give change.

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