Activities in Hungary

Keep yourself busy with these activites in Hungary

There are many great activities that can be enjoyed while visiting Hungary. Some of them will take you to the beautiful mountainous regions, others to lakes and still others to the heart of various cities. All are equally enjoyable and will give you a unique taste for this wonderful country.

Wildlife Activities

Most of the wildlife in Hungary is best viewed on foot. Indeed, in some parts of the protected areas motor vehicles are not allowed. There are a total of nine national parks and roughly 1000 protected areas in the country. The terrain varies and you can head for mountains, plains, lakesides, wetlands and riversides depending on your fitness level. As you walk, you will likely spot a variety of birds, boar, otter and deer which are the most easy to spot. However, you can also see wild cats and bats if you are quiet enough.


Hungary has many water activities to be enjoyed. One of the most popular outdoor activities is fishing. Carp, bream, pike, tench and trout are abundant in the reservoirs and angling is a pleasure. You can hire a guide if you wish, but you must be sure to observe the various regulations regarding seasons and licenses if you wish to pursue this activity while in the country.

Spa Hopping

There are roughly over 100 thermal springs and 50 swimming pools in Budapest alone. The custom of public bathing was established in ancient Roman times and today there are a wide variety of therapeutic treatments on offer. The baths are also relatively cheap, making them a great experience for visitors to enjoy. More reserved foreigners might want to exercise caution, however, since different baths have different policies and in some of them a level of nudity is quite acceptable.

Other Activities

There are many other activities worth looking into if you visit the country. Horse riding is well established and long-distance rides across wide open spaces such as the Great Plain are easily organized. If you're not feeling daring enough to brave horseback but would still like to make some equine friends, carriage driving is an attractive alternative. Cycling is another enjoyable way to see the country and it is relatively easy to hire one. Transport of luggage is easy to arrange and you can stop for a picnic along the way should you desire to do so. Swimming is another attractive option, as there are many splash pools available to the public in the cities.


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