Cities in Hungary

Explore the beautiful countryside of Hungary

A country with a some what more medieval feel than many others in Europe, Hungary is strangely enchanting and strongly cultural. Many of its cities rest in thick forest or lay along beautiful rivers giving it an unusual, timeless appeal. A cheap flight to Hungary is all it takes to become immerse in this country of legends and lore.

One of the first stops you have to make in Hungary is Budapest. Also known as the 'Pearl of the Danube', this great river splits the city in half and gives it it's character. A combination of what was originally two different cities, Budapest is ten times larger than all other Hungarian cities. The west bank has winding streets, good views and a Castle while the east bank has a bustling commercial center and hosts great theatrical performances.

Only 19 km's away you'll find the charming little village of Szentendre. This aged little town is also nestled on the banks of the Danube and most visitors come here to admire the town's architecture and beautiful surrounds. The town has a very 18th century layout and is fun to explore on foot. One almost feels immersed in time when you walk through the winding alleys or look up at the sturdy stone walls.

Visegrad is another beautiful city in Budapest. Relatively small in comparison to other European cities, it too is nestled on the banks of the river. It is also surrounded by amazingly lush vegetation and has a very aged appeal. With castles and forts, orange-red roofs and plenty of pointed towers it makes for great sight seeing.

Hotels in Hungary are generally well priced and very comfortable. The staff are friendly and easy to get along with and the views are excellent. Make your travel arrangements now and enjoy a truly different European holiday.


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