Cuisine in Hungary

Discover the delightful tastes of Hungary cuisine

Hungarian Cuisine is really truly delicious. There has been a common misconception that Hungarian cuisine received many influences from the nomadic ancestors of the Magyars, although the two main ingredients of Hungarian cuisine, potatoes and paprika, originally comes form America and were not present in Europe before 1492.

They Hungarians often make very spicy food, using paprika, onions and black pepper. Some of the paprika that you get in Hungary is really very hot and is definitely not for the faint hearted. Most main Hungarian dishes will include potatoes, although Hungarians are very fond of their soups, desserts, stuffed pancakes and cakes. Hungary has a fierce rivalry between regional variations of the same dish, for example, the fish soups are cooked differently on the banks of Hungary's two main rivers.

A traditional Hungarian dish is Palacsinta (stuffed pancakes), they are often consumed on special occasions such as Christmas for breakfast. Filling vary heavily, and there are all sorts of fillings one can use. Some people use cheese and meat fillings and then serve it as a main dish and then use cream and jam fillings and serve it as a dessert.

Other very famous Hungarian dishes are Guly's (a hot dish that usually consists of beef, onions, capsicum and paprika), Halaszle (a Hungarian fish made with extra hot paprikas), Toltott kaposzta (cabbage stuffed with meat and other vegetables and spices) and Porkolt (a hot dish which is almost always made of meat, onion capsicum and paprika powder. Any kind of meat can be used, such as beef, lamb, pork, chicken, liver, offal and sometimes even fish).


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