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Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of Debrecen

Debrecen, situated upon the Great Hungarian Plain, lies not far from Hortobágy national park. The city is considered a cultural and historical center and has grown into a superb tourist destination.

During the Middle Ages, Debrecen was an important agricultural trade point. It was declared a town in 1361. During the Reformation, Debrecen became a center of Calvinism and no other religions were permitted in the town. The Reformed College was formed in 1538 to establish Calvinistic teachings. When the Turks commandeered Debrecen the city began to flourish.

Catholic Habsburgs took over the city in the 1600s but were met with great opposition when they attempted a Counter-Reformation. At Debrecen's Great Reformed Church Lajos Kossuth issued a declaration of independence for Hungary in 1848. On 21 December 1944, the Provisional National Assembly gathered in Debrecen and the city became the capital of the regions which were now under Hungarian rule. The capital was changed to Budapest in March 1945.

Piac Utca or Market Street is a great starting point in your exploration of Debrecen. The Town Hall located here was constructed in 1843 with Debrecen's coat of arms carved upon the tympanum. The Great Reformed Church is the symbol of Debrecen, a representation of its fascinating past. Several churches were built on the site, but were burnt down. The church that stands there today was constructed between 1807 and 1819. Hotel Aranybika in Piac Utca was built in 1914 and was originally an inn in the 17th century. A small Baroque structure nearby is called the Small Reformed Church, fondly known to the locals as "Stumpy Church". Also in Debrecen you will come across the Déri Museum in which are displayed art from Eastern Asia, relics from Italy, Egypt and Greece and a fine collection of local art. Look out for the Central Cemetery, Garden of Remembrance, Reformed College and University Clinic.

The Great Forest is Debrecen's recreational area. Here you can enjoy rowing or sailing on the pond, strolling through the zoo or relaxing in the pleasure park. Thermal baths are also found in the park, a great place to relax. Debrecen springs to life during the Flower Carnival on 20 August each year. A procession of bright floats makes its way through the town.

There is a great selection of hotels in Debrecen. Debrecen's hotels offer fantastic service and comfortable accommodation. There are no direct flights to Debrecen. The nearest airport is in Budapest. Various forms of transportation will carry you from Budapest to Debrecen.

Debrecen is a fascinating city where you can explore the history, natural heritage and culture of Hungary.


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