Travel to Eger in Hungary

Explore the impressive castles of Eger

Hungary's Eger is a city best known for the impressive castle, historical buildings, spas and Hungarian red wine. Eger has a rich past and continues to fascinate tourists from around the world.

In the Middle Ages the region in which Eger is found was home to Slavonic, Avar and German tribes. During the 10th century Hungarians came to inhabit the area. An episcopate was established in Eger and the first cathedral was constructed upon Castle Hill. The town of Eger spread out from this central cathedral (no longer there). Eger prospered during the 14th to 16th centuries especially due to winegrowing in the region.

Eger managed to stay the Turkish army made up of 80 000 soldiers (versus 2 100 inhabitants). Unfortunately Captain Nyáry had to relinquish the castle when the Turks returned with greater forces in 1596. For eighty years the Turks ruled Eger. Once the Turks were chased from Eger in 1687, the city once again began to flourish. Immigrants flooded into Eger during the 1700s and new buildings were constructed. For many years Eger was ruled by an archbishop however they were freed in 1854. Today, Eger is a renowned tourist destination.

Upon the hill where St.Michael's church was located stands the grand Classical Cathedral. Built between 1831 and 1837, the cathedral is designed with its entrance facing east, two towers and a portico. Magnificent statues picturing Faith, Hope and Charity as well as of the Apostles Peter and Paul and kings Stephen and Ladislaus are found at the cathedral. Many other fascinating pieces of artwork decorate the cathedral. Eger's impressive castle is the trademark of the city. Within its walls you can explore the museum which will enlighten you as regards the history of Eger. Exhibitions related to the castle include the waxworks and famous painters. View the tomb of Geza Gardonyi and the underground fortress. The market situated below the castle is the center of Eger. In the market place you will come across the church of St. Anthony, statues and renovated houses. Lyceum houses two museums. One museum is the Diocesan Library with over 140 000 publications and the other is the astronomical museum. Another famed monument in Eger is the Minaret built in 1596. Measuring some 40m, 96 stairs will take you to the balcony from which you can gain a great view of Eger. Not far from the Old Town is the Bath Quarter, radioactive springs used as far back as the 14th century.

There are many great hotels in Eger. Eger's hotels offer fantastic service and outstanding facilities. As there are no direct flights to Eger, your best option is to book a flight to Budapest and then travel from there.

Hungary's Eger is a city where you can delve into the past whilst you stand in awe of the magnificent architecture.


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