Travel to Gyor in Hungary

Visit the historically rich towm of Gyor

Győr located in the northwest of Hungary is renowned for its stunning townscape with over 170 historical buildings and monuments.

Celts inhabited the region during the 5th century BCE, naming the settlement Arrabona. Romans settled in the area up until the 4th century CE. Thereafter the area came to be successively occupied by the Slavs, Lombards, Avars, part of Great Moravia and then East Frankish. When the King Stephen I of Hungary established an episcopate in the town it was named Győr.

Like the rest of Hungary, Győr met with problems during the Mongol and then the Ottoman invasion. The city was razed during Ottoman occupation but was later rebuilt mostly in the Renaissance style. A castle and city wall was built around the city. After Turkish threats ceased Győr began to flourish. People from various religious orders came to inhabit the town as is seen in the old churches, schools, monastery and hospital in Győr. During the 1970s, previously neglected buildings were restored and Győr won an award for monument protection in 1989.

The heart of Győr is magnificent with its lovely Baroque buildings some dating back to the 13th century. Káptalan Hill located at the meeting of the Danube, Rába and Rábca Rivers is the original center of the city. Situated upon the hill is the Bishop's Castle of the 14th century with its tower and Gothic chapel. Various extensions were added on to the original castle such as bastions. In the Sforza bastion you will find the Castle Museum and Lapidarium. Across from the castle is the magnificent Cathedral. The interior has an Early Baroque feel. Various artistic masterpieces adorn the Cathedral. The emblem of Győr is an iron cockrel. Legend sates that the Turks placed a weather cock upon the pavilion when Győr came into their possession. The Turks said that the cock would crow if the Hungarians ever regained the castle. Another impressive sight is the Ark of the Covenant monument commissioned by Emperor Charles III in 1731. There are many other fascinating things to see in Győr that you will be kept very busy.

There are various hotels in Győr, catering for different budgets. Győr's hotels are comfortable, clean and provide friendly service. Consider car hire in Győr so as to explore nearby attractions and towns. There are no direct flights to Győr, the closest airport is in Vienna followed by Budapest. Perhaps you can hire a car to Győr and stop at different spots along the way.

Spend your day strolling through the streets discovering new places of interest around every corner, then relax at one of Győr's lovely restaurants in the evening. Győr is a quiet city and a great destination if you want to take a break from the commotion of larger cities.


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