Travel to Kecskemet in Hungary

Sit back and enjoy some fine Apricot Brandy

Situated between Szeged and Budapest and at an equal distance from the Danube and Tisza Rivers, Kecskemét is famous for producing Fütyülõs, an Apricot Brandy. Kecskemét is also well-known for its art nouveau styled buildings and stunning town center.

Kecskemét was inhabited by a series of settlers beginning with Scythians, then Sarmations, Goths, Avars and finally Magyars. Kecskemét was established as a town some time during the early 1300s. The town was not protected by walls but rather by moats and ditches. Kecskemét really flourished during Turkish rule especially due to trade. Habsburg gained control of Kecskemét in 1710. During the 19th century the town's economy was based upon winegrowing as well as the cultivation of fruit and vegetables. The name Kecskemét is translated to the phrase "goat walk".

Kecskemét is a great starting point for day trips and excursions to Kiskunság National Park and Bugac puszta. The town itself has a number of fascinating attractions on offer. Several museums are scattered throughout Kecskemét. The Hungarian Photographic Museum opened in 1991 has an interesting collection of Hungarian photography. József Katona Museum will provide you with extensive information on the archaeology, art and ethnology of the area. Nearby is the József Katona Theatre. In a building from the 1800s is the Museum of Hungarian Folk Art where you can view crochet work, ivory carvings and pottery. The Museum of Naive Art is housed in a Baroque mansion. Sorakatenus or the Toy Museum is a great outing. Not only is it a museum but it is also a workshop where you can create your own toys. The Town Hall (1896) is a striking example of Hungarian art nouveau. It is truly an architectural marvel. The Church of St. Nicholas from the 13th century has had numerous alterations and is an interesting structure to see. The Great Church near the Town Hall stands out with its white and yellow façades. Enjoy a quiet stroll around Szabadság tér at the nucleus of Kecskemét. Located in this piece of greenery are the Café Szabadság and the New College with the Ráday Ecclesiastical Museum.

There are no direct flights to Kecskemét. The closest airport is at Budapest. Hire a car to Kecskemét from the airport parking area. Car hire in Hungary's Kecskemét is a good idea so that you can get around to other cities of interest and head off on day trips in the area. Find out about car hire in Hungary's Kecskemét online.

Kecskemét is a city of architectural splendor and a gateway to many of the countries natural wonders. With its fantastic tourist infrastructure and much to do, Kecskemét is a brilliant holiday destination.


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