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Hungary's fourth largest city, Pécs is located to the south-west of the country. This beautiful city has a strong sense of cultural heritage and is a great place to go sightseeing. In fact, Pécs has been nominated for the title of European Capital of Culture for 2010.

The area where this stunning city is situated has been inhabited for at least 6000 years. Before the Romans made their way up into Europe, the land was inhabited by the Celts. Under the Romans, several wine-producing colonies were founded where Pécs, Hungary, is now situated. Thus the city sprung from these several small settlements which grew and grew until they eventually merged together.

If you visit the Postal Palace today, you will be standing at the center of this ancient cluster of settlements. You can still see parts of the original Roman aqueduct which ran through the city. A number of Christian cemeteries dating back to the 4th century can be found in this ancient city and the burial places have found their way into the World Heritage List. Pécs went through a somewhat turbulent period of continual conquest until about 1710 when it entered a peaceful era. Industry, trade and viticulture prospered at this time and soon the city started to grow yet again. By 1787 there were about 8800 people living in Pécs - many of whom were either noblemen or priests. Over time, Pécs started to gain the reputation for being a great city that it has today.

Visitors to Pécs may spend days simply walking the streets and admiring the beautiful architecture. You may find yourself imagining what life might have been like for those residing a here a century or two ago. You'll find the shopping good, the food even better and the cultural sights and attractions endless. Monuments and statues abound and theater performances give you a taste of Hungarian customs. It is also quite easy to find a hotel in Pécs. By the time you leave this city, you may find that you have a fond memory in your mind and a pretty picture of Pécs in your pocket, ready to show loved ones back home what they've been missing out on.


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