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Visit Szeged, the city of sunshine!

Szeged, City of Sunshine, is located on the banks of Tisza River not far from the river mouth of Maros River. People are attracted to Szeged from all over, not only for its architectural and historical splendor, but also for the famous open air theater held in summer. Some 4000 visitors stand before the Cathedral to enjoy opera and other musical performances. However, there is so much that makes Szeged a great destination including sports events, swimming pools and beaches.

Szeged and the surrounding region have been occupied for many centuries. Attila the Hun is said to have had his seat in the district. A document dating back to 1183 mentions the name Szeged. Szeged's became an important city during the 1300s especially when Turkish forces neared the country, due to its strategic positioning. A wall was constructed around the newly free royal town in 1498. Szeged was annexed by the Turkish army in 1543 however it was freed from the Ottoman Empire on 23 October 1686. The town once again was declared a free royal town sometime in 1715. In the years that followed Szeged flourished both in wealth and in education. Szeged became greatly involved in the revolution as well as the war of independence (1848-1849). Following a devastating flood in 1879 Emperor Franz Joseph promised that the town would be restored with even greater beauty. This is clearly seen by the impressive wide roadways and palaces of Szeged. Despite its rather volatile past, Szeged is today a popular tourist destination.

Szeged has many fascinating historical sites to visit. Várkert or the castle garden is situated where the bastion of a castle from 1246 remains. A museum and lapidarium have now been constructed here out of the materials from the castle. Stroll around and observe the Carra marble monument dedicated to Elisabeth the Queen of Hungary. Szeged library was constructed after the flood. Designed in a Classical style, the building is now considered a "cultural palace". Inside its walls it houses the municipal library and the Ferenc Móra Museum. Alsóváros or the lower town is a treasure trove of historical buildings. A church was constructed here by Fransciscans from 1409 to 1503. This structure is most impressive with its pointed arch windows and elegant buttresses. Interesting carvings are observable upon the pulpit and high altar. Other historical attractions include the National Theatre, the old and the new synagogue, Palais Reök and the Szeged Botanical Gardens.

You may wish to consider car hire in Szeged as there are many places around the city to explore. Find out about car hire in Szeged either online or through a tourist bureau. There are no direct flights to Szeged. The closest airport is in Budapest. Many people have had fantastic relaxing holidays in Szeged and have decided to purchase holiday real estate in Szeged. Find out more about Szeged's real estate online.

Szeged is a truly fascinating city to explore and a great holiday destination.


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