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Beside Perint and Gyöngyös Rivers lies the town of Szombathely. Beautifully situated where the Alpokalja Mountains slope down to the Small Hungarian Plain, Szombathely is a fantastic destination. Interestingly, Szombathely is Hungary's oldest city.

Szombathely was established in 45 CE by the Romans who called it "Colonia Claudia Savariensum". Constantine the Great often came to Savaria, making it the capital of "Pannonia Prima". During this era, Savaria flourished and many buildings were raised. Atilla the Hun's armies annexed the region in 441 up until 445. An earthquake caused the city to fall in 458.

The city was restored however. New settlers came to the town namely Goths and Longobards. Savaria was later inhabited by Slavic and Avar tribes however; the Franks took over in 795. In later years it was taken by Moravians, who in 900 were defeated by Hungarians. Szombathely was destroyed again in 1241/42 by the Mongols, but was quickly rebuilt. The city did not suffer during the Ottoman occupation but had difficulties in the 18th century when Habsburg came into power and again when Napoleon's army attacked in 1809. During the 1890s Szombathely's infrastructure developed quickly. After World War 2 the city further prospered and in the 1970s many industries were established.

Szombathely is a quiet and laid-back city but it still has much to offer. Bishop's Palace is a group of buildings dating back to the 18th century built in the Baroque style. It bears symbolic images of the virtues as well as Bishop Szily's coat of arms. Many stunning pieces of artwork decorate this impressive residence. You will find the Bishop's Palace along with the cathedral, seminary and Eölbey House at the heart of Szombathely. Construction of the Cathedral took place from 1791 until 1814. The interior is ornately decorated in a Baroque style. Many statues and paintings adorn the Cathedral. The priests' seminary was built in 1777 to 1779 and is now used as a girl's school and library. Behind the cathedral are the "Járdányi Paulovits István Romkert" ruins, the nucleus of ancient Savaria. Across from the cathedral stands Eölbey House (1796) in which you will find the Revolution Museum. Pay a visit to the Savaria Museum where you can see ancient Roman relics, statues, mosaics and church ornaments. Another place of interest is the Vas County Museum Village. Consisting of over 6ha, the village features rural architecture. Enter a new world as you explore furnished farm houses and the mill. These are just a few of Szombethely's attractions.

Why not consider car hire in Szombethely so that you can make day trips to nearby towns and natural attractions. You can find out more about car hire in Szombethely online. There are no direct flights to Szombethely. The nearest airport is in Vienna. Various forms of transport are available there to deliver you safely to Szombethely. From guesthouses to hotels, Szombethely has accommodation that will suit your needs and your budget. Szombethely's hotels offer great service and excellent facilities.

Szombathely is a fascinating historical destination, a city where you can just relax as you are transported back in time.


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