Travel to Visegrad in Hungary

Discover the medieval town of Visegrad

Visegrád, not far from Budapest, is beautifully located upon the shore of the Danube Bend. This small town is brimming with history and home to a magnificent archeological site.

First mention of Visegrád is made in documents dating back to 1009. During 1242 Mongols attacked the area, leaving the town in ruins. Visegrád was however later restored just to the south of its original site. In 1325 King Charles I declared Visegrád the royal seat of Hungary. It was in this town that an important congress was held between Charles I, King John of Luxembourg and Casimir the Great of Poland. A similar meeting was held here in 1991 with politicians from Poland, Czechoslovakia and Hungary who then formed the Visegrád group.

The Upper Castle or Citadel of Visegrád was commissioned by King Béla IV in the 1240s. It was constructed upon the top of a hill. Designed with a triangular plan, three towers were built at each of the castle's corners. The Ciatadel was progressively enlarged by kings taking up residence here. Ottoman Turks captured the castle and occupied it from 1544 to 1685, causing much ruin to the building. The Lower Castle also called Solomon Tower was constructed in the 13th century to link the Upper Castle to the Danube. Exhibitions are in place at the Tower where you can learn all about the history of Visegrád. The Royal Palace also known as Palace of Matthias Corvinus of Hungary was built after the year 1325. Thereafter many renovations were made to the original structure. From 1405 to 1408 the palace was used as the residence of Hungary's kings. King Corvinus redesigned the palace in a Gothic style with some influence of the Italian Renaissance style. Ottoman Turks left the palace in ruins and only during excavations in 1934 did the castle once again see light. On a hill nearby Visegrád you can explore the remnants of a Roman military camp as well as a castle dating back to the 11th century.

Visegrád is a great town if you are in the mood to escape the hustle and bustle of the larger cities. You may want to consider car hire in Visegrád so that you can make day trips to nearby villages and towns. Find out about car hire in Visegrád through a tourist bureau or online. There are no direct flights to Visegrád but you can take a taxi, bus or train from Budapest Airport.

Visegrád is a great destination that will take you back in time deep into Hungary's past.


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