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Also known as the Holy Land, Israel is a wonderful country. It has many natural attractions, lots of historical significance and quite a few archaeological riches. Here you can experience world-class diving, beautiful beaches, superbly green landscapes and a couple of very busy cities. People have been traveling here for over two thousands years - but only now can you enjoy Israel to its full potential. Why not take advantage of this wonderful country while it is in its prime?

Over the years, museums, national parks, holy sites and nature reserves as well as accommodation facilities have all be upgraded and improved. This was especially so during the beginning of the new millennium when visitors flocked to the country. This means that as a visitor, your touring experience is ever more pleasurable than it would have been in the past.

Tel Aviv is best known for its wonderful beaches and busy city life. Also called the Big Orange by locals, Tel Aviv is relatively modern and as such has no historical sites worth seeing. But it is a thriving city with a lively nightlife. You can party till you drop, dine till you explode and bask in the sun till your skin cannot go any darker. Here you will find beach parties in the summer, oyster bars beyond compare and a good level of theatrical entertainment and impressive art galleries.

Jerusalem is a bit more subdued. Historically and biblically significant, Jerusalem has been around for approximately 3000 years. Everything here is bathed in a magical sense of beauty. Here you find such can biblical sites such as the Kidron Valley, the Mount of Olives and the Wilderness. One can only imagine what they must have looked like in the time of King David and his son Solomon - when the city was in its prime. Also of interest are the museums which can better acquaint you with the history of these religious sites.

Haifa is a beautiful city in its own right. Israel's most important port is situated here, right next to an impressive business district. On the hills amongst the pines you'll find gracious homes and panoramic vistas. Not too far to the south, there are wonderful beaches which can be enjoyed by both local and foreign beach lovers.

Far from being the tourist parasite that it was in the 1980's, Israel has become a visitor's haven. Nowadays you get more value for money; there are more things to see and do and a delightfully friendly people who are always willing to help. What more could you ask for?


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