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Beersheba, a city well-known due to its frequent mention in the Old Testament of the Bible, is now one Israel's largest cities. Situated where arid pastureland meets arable land, Beersheba has developed into an industrial hub and university town. One of the city's main attractions is the Bedouin market which takes place on Thursdays.

Mention is made in the Bible of a covenant made between Abraham and Abimelech at a well in Beersheba for Abraham to make use of the well which was once again made with his son Isaac in later years. During 1100 BCE the Israelites built a town on the site of Tel Sheva near the where the city lies today. Excavations by Y. Aharoni in 1969 revealed an Israelite fort and items from Edomite, Hellenistic, Aramaean and Persian eras.

At a later time Beersheba was used as a stronghold coming under the rule of the Maccabees, Romans and Byzantines. For many years Beersheba was uninhabited, its well used only by Bedouin shepherds for their flocks. In 1907 a new town (today, the old town) was established by Turkish authorities for the Bedouin tribes.

Jews arrived in Beersheba in 1900 but left after Arab disturbances during 1929. Once Israel was declared independent in 1948, Jews once again came to reside in the city and is now completely Jewish.

Despite its long history, Beersheba has a young, vibrant feel. The Turkish old town is always bustling with people browsing through its shops or having a bite to eat at a restaurant or snack bar. North of the town are the residential areas whilst in the east is the industrial sector.

Beersheba's main road is Ha'atzmaut along which you will find the Municipal Museum. Within this old mosque is a collection of relics from Tel Sheva. You can also enjoy a spectacular view of the city from here. Where the main road meets Hebron Road you will discover Abraham's Well. There are many souvenirs on sale here as well as a fine restaurant. Hebron Road will lead you to the Negev Brigade Memorial. Further along is Tel Sheva where you can explore the ruins of ancient Beersheba.

On your holiday to Beersheba there is so much to see that you may want to get a city map of Israel's Beersheba. A map of Israel's city, Beersheba can be obtained from the tourism office.

Beersheba is a great jumping board into the rest of Israel and has great historical significance.


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