Culture in Israel

Some Enlightenment On Israeli Culture

Israeli culture has largely been defined by the Jewish history of the country. Religion and lifestyle were closely intertwined right from the beginning of the nation and as a result, many traditions have been passed down over the years. While some traditions have slowly been left behind, the majority continue to enjoy constant revival as they are passed down from one generation to the next.

One aspect of the culture which still stands firmly rooted is that of learning the ancient language of Hebrew. Many Israeli's not only speak the language of their nation, but they choose to express themselves in this tongue when they write too. Newspapers and books of all kinds are constantly being published in Hebrew. Besides this, the people of Israel generally tend towards a culture of reading which means that thousands of books are imported annually to supply the general populace with additional reading material.

The mass immigration of past years has seen influences from all corners of the globe arrive in Israel. This has helped the Jewish nation to expand their horizons in all aspects of trade while still managing to retain their distinctive Jewish identity. One example of this can be seen in the wide array of painting and sculpture which can be found in the country or in the displays of other countries. While many of these artworks reflect international trends, they generally still reflect either the Israeli landscape or way of thinking. Another area that this is evident is in the architecture of Israel - mostly in more modern areas or cities such as Tel Aviv where the architecture reflects trends towards modernism but retains the use of certain lines and shapes which give the city a unique feel.

Another area of life where Israelis excel is in that of performing arts and music. Not only does the country boast several fine theatres and opera houses, but their countrymen are often known for their fine acting abilities or musical talents in other parts of the world. Israel is also home to a blossoming film industry which is just now starting to make its way onto the world scene. Singing is not only seen as a musical or theatrical accompaniment but is a part of every day life.

On top of all this, the country also has a very rich historical legacy. Many biblical events took place in Israel and as a result, there are many archaeological sites worth a visit. Some ancient Israeli gems have been unearthed over the years and other still stand proudly on the earths surface. There are quite a few places of religious significance in the city as well. There are over 170 museums in Israel but not all of them focus on historical artifacts or ancient Israel. Some focus on artwork while others document atrocities such as the holocaust.

Israeli citizens also share in a wide variety of sporting activities with soccer and basketball being the most popular. Since most of the county's residents are Jewish, they celebrate several religious festivals and many of their public holidays are based on Jewish traditions. Many Jews view Saturdays as being a day of rest and most actively practice their worship at synagogues.


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