Travel to Eilat in Israel

Fun, Sea and Sand At The Beautiful Resort Town Of Eilat

At the southernmost tip of Israel lies the busy resort town of Eilat. The area surrounding the town is a good combination of sea and desert which means it caters to virtually every activity that one can possibly pursue in the region. With ample facilities, great hotels and reasonable prices, there is little wonder that Eilat is Israel's holiday destination of choice with both locals and tourists.

Because of its proximity to the Red Sea, most people who visit Eilat are generally planning to spend time either diving, boating, swimming or skiing. Though the water can get warm in the summer months, it is generally a great way to escape the heat of the dessert. Whether you prefer sailboats, rowboats, motor boats or kayaks, you can be sure that the calm waters of the sea will provide the most conducive conditions to your chosen activity. The calm waters are also popular with water skiers and even those who have never skied before will be able to learn under such favorable conditions.

However, when it comes to water activities in Eilat, the most popular activity is diving. This is mostly due to the superb coral reefs and sea life in the area. You may be able to spot lionfish, moray eels and even sharks. Manta rays and sea turtles are also spotted frequently and let's not forget the myriads of bright coral fish that dance around the coral. What's more you don't need to be a diver to enjoy these magical underwater delights as a ticket for a glass bottomed boat is available to anyone who wants it. Slightly more pricey but worth every cent is the underwater submarine safari which will take you deeper and allow you to see more. If you'd prefer to keep your feet on terra firma you might try the Coral World Underwater Observatory which allows you to view the sea life as though you were in an aquarium. More recently, swimming with dolphins has become a very popular activity out at dolphin reef.

After spending a few days enjoying the wonders of the sea, you might turn your attention to the Red Mountain and other surrounding areas. The rocky crags and desert mountains of the area provide wonderful opportunities for sporting activities. Mountain biking, hiking, rappelling and jeep trails are enjoyed by thousands every year. You can also go sight seeing and visit King Solomon's Mines or see the Mushroom rock pillar. The Timna Valley National Park is a desert area which is home to hundreds of desert animals as is the Hai Bar Wildlife Reserve which also has a variety of endangered desert creatures. Jeep rides and camel rides are available at Timna Valley. Eilat also happens to be one of the best places in the world to go bird watching. Because of migratory patterns, southern Israel has one of the largest concentrations of migrating birds on the planet. Eilat also happens to be where the International Birdwatching Center has its headquarters.

At the end of the day - if you still have any energy left - you will be able to enjoy the wealth of nightclubs, restaurants and bars. After reviewing some of Eilat's many attractions, it is easy to understand why Eilat is so popular with vacationers. In this place where the sun always shines, you will no doubt find yourself relaxed, content and ready to face the world again - just remember to bring your sunscreen!


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