Travel to Ein Bokek in Israel

Explore the most stunning tourist resort, Ein Bokek

Ein Bokek is a stunning tourist resort, the largest of its kind along the coastline of the Dead Sea. Ein Bokek, located at the base of a spring, is renowned for its spas and hot springs caring for the wellbeing of its inhabitants and visitors.

During Bible times, the region supplied surrounding countries with salt from Mount Sodom. Salt was considered a wonderful commodity as it was used to preserve meat. Roman fortresses were constructed in many places to protect the trade route and one of these was in Ein Bokek. Evidence of this fortress remains in the city, as do the ruins of a medicine and perfume factory.

The Dead Sea itself is the lowest site on earth, some 400m below sea level. Part of the Great African Rift Valley, the Dead Sea receives water from various rivers and springs. Water only leaves the sea by means of evaporation which leaves behind large concentrations of minerals. The minerals are removed, processed and exported for industry, medicine and agriculture. There is no fear when swimming in the Dead Sea as you simply float upon the waters. The waters are excellent for cleansing the body of toxins and relaxing tense muscles. Magnesium in the water treats skin allergies and is good for the respiratory system.

Hot springs and mineral-filled mud are used in the treatment of numerous ailments such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, rheumatism and arthritis.

When visiting the Dead Sea region, Ein Bokek is your best bet as it has a fantastic infrastructure and is the most developed resort. Twelve luxury hotels in Ein Bokek provide only the best service. The many clinics, spas, restaurants and shopping centers will cater for all your need. Ein Bokek stands out from the rather barren land of the surrounding Judean Desert Cliffs. A simple walk to the river bed of Wadi Bokek and you can look out across a panorama of desert flora and small glistening pools.

There is much to do in Ein Bokek, why not try some of these fun-filled activities: Camel rides, hiking, Jeep tours, Mountain Biking, Rappelling and Bedouin Feasts. Of course the greatest attraction is the healing effects of the waters and mud of the Dead Sea which can be enjoyed at various venues.

With its outstanding spa facilities, tourist activities and deluxe hotels, Ein Bokek has grown greatly in popularity amongst tourists. Find out about cheap hotels in Israel's Ein Bokek online. There are no direct flights to Ein Bokek, however it can be reached by bus and taxi services.

Ein Bokek is a holiday resort designed to promote complete relaxation and luxury as you feel the pollutants seeping out of your body. It is definitely a destination to which you will want to return.


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