Essential Travel Information for Israel

Information To Help You Prepare For Your Trip

When to go

Due to Israel's favourable Mediterranean climate, seasonal factors should not play a huge roll in deciding when to go. Just note that it can become quite hot between July and August and quite cold in January. For the traveler the primary concern should be the holiday seasons, when the prices go up, hotels are jam-packed and some businesses shut down. The Rosh Ha-Shana, Yom Kippur and Sukkot is from September to October, and March and April is alsobusy due to the Orthodox Easter.

Visa and Passports

Unless you are a citizen of some African or Central American countries, India, Singapore or some ex-Soviet republics, you do not need a visa to enter Israel. Most tourists are allowed a 90-day stay, but those entering overland from Egypt or Jordan may only be granted 30 days.

Health and Safety

The crime and violence situations in Israel and the Palestinian Territories remains unstable and dangerous in many parts. There are still some threats of Palestinian suicide bombings and retaliatory strikes from time to time, which means the personal safety in Israel is not yet guaranteed. But as far as your health goes, Israel should not be a danger to your health. Just make sure to drink only bottled water, if you are not use to their water, and always make sure to eat food that are properly cooked. Avoid eating food that is not piping hot anymore as they are more prone to be infected by bacteria.

Money and Currency

The Israeli New shekel is the official currency unit of Israel. Banks and ATM machines are widespread, they generally accept all major credit cards. Most hotels and huge shops will also accept a credit card as method of payment, whereas smaller shops and private services will insist on cash. Note that 10 - 15% is always included in the bill in hotels as a service charge. Restaurants will also sometimes add a 10 - 15 % amount to their bills as a service charge, but if not an equal amount is expected.


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