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Discover The Ancient Wonders of Jerusalem

Jerusalem is known throughout the world due to its role in biblical history. Places such as the Kidron Valley, the Gihon Spring, the Mount of Olives and the threshing floor of Araunah where Solomon built his temple are all famous for their mention in the bible. All of these geographical features still exist and taking the opportunity to see them and visit them is a truly memorable experience. Especially if one comes prepared with some knowledge of what occurred in the region before hand, you can virtually step back into time and relive bible events in your minds eye.

Besides being a historically and biblically important place, Jerusalem is incredibly beautiful. The natural beauty of the region inspired many of ancient King David's musical poetry. While shimmering olive trees and well watered valleys lull you to sleep, you can look across at the Dead Sea from some of the higher vantage point and appreciate the area's calmness. Jerusalem has a way of making you feel miles away from the turbulence of the Gaza Strip. It is as if you have entered a different world which is uniquely special in its very own way.

Jerusalem is also very interesting from and archaeological point of view. Many years ago it once served as the Capital of the Jewish world and as such was home to an impressive city and some equally impressive buildings. While those days have long since past, there are now many ruins which can be explored and explained if you have the time to do so. While modern day Jerusalem has expanded far past its ancient borders much of it still has a very traditional feel to it. In the Old City and the nearby hills you will find many of the holy places of not only Judaism and Christianity, but of Islam as well. Jerusalem might have suffered from war from 1948 - 1967, but it seems as though it has completely forgotten those years.

There is a lot to see and do in Jerusalem. From visiting museums to visiting several "holy" sites, you will find your days filled quite quickly. There are also art galleries displaying all sorts of traditional Islamic art among more modern works. You will also be able to visit tombs, gardens and the somewhat austere "Zedekiah's Cave". There are lost of non Jewish attractions such as the Church of Saint Anne and the Lutheran Church of the Redeemer. There are also interesting scientific attractions such as the Time Elevator and the Bloomfield Science Museum. The Sanhedrian tombs make for an eerie tour while the Model of Ancient Jerusalem will give you a feel for life in the city in biblical times. There is also a bicycle club which allows you to rent bicycles and help you plan tours through the city or surrounding countryside.

Jerusalem has an ageless appeal to people all over the world. It may be a city which lies at the heart of every Jew, but it was also the birthplace of Christianity. For this reason many people from all corners of the globe will find a visit to this enchanting and historical city a most spiritual experience.


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