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Explore the popular seaside resort, Nahariya

Nahariya, situated beside the stunning Mediterranean was originally established by German Jews in the 1930s. Situated along the banks of Ga'aton River the village was meant to be used for agriculture, however the settlers soon realized that this would not work. Tourism was encouraged in the area and today it is a popular seaside resort. With its gorgeous landscape and historical heritage there is little doubt as to why large numbers of people flock here annually.

Nahariya's main road, Sderot Ga'aton is separated down the centre by Ga'aton River. Along the banks of the Ga'aton grow magnificent eucalyptus trees. Inside the Town Hall is the tourism office as well as the Municipal Museum. On the opposite side of the street are the Nahariya Train Station and several restaurants. Eventually the Ga'aton River enters the Mediteranean. Hama'apilim Street at the west end of the main road leads to the swimming pool and a Phoenician harbor. On the hill near the beach are the remains of the temple of Astarte from the 15th century.

1km outside of is Evron, a kibbutz established in 1938. Excavations in the area during 1951 uncovered a Palaeolithic settlement as well as remnants of a mosaic from a Byzantine Church. 3km to the south is Shave Zion. This holiday resort features a well-preserved mosaic from a Christian church. From Nahariya, 5km north is the river mouth of the Keziv, also the site of ancient Akhziv from the Old Testament. It was form the shellfish here that the Phoenicians got their purple dye. During excavations a cemetery used during the period from the 8th to 6th century was uncovered. Today, the area is a National Park with a sparkling beach, grassy stretches and a lovely restaurant. Nearby is a wooden house wherein you can look through archeological finds in this private museum.

Nahariya is a fascinating city of beauty, sunny beaches and an interesting past.


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