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Discover The Entertaining City of Tel Aviv

If you are touring Israel and would enjoy some entertainment, Tel Aviv is the place to go. A bustling city that never sleeps, Tel Aviv is Israel's New York -the countries "Big Orange". The city serves as the country's commercial center as well as the cultural capital. Most of the country's newspapers and books are published here. You will find that there is an abundance of technology in the city and the stock exchange has come to life. Simply put, Tel Aviv is growing in leaps and bounds and the growth is unlikely to be slowed down by anything.

Many may think of Tel Aviv as a sort of beach resort. Though it is much bigger than just its beach area, it is situated on the shores of the Mediterranean and boasts some excellent warm and sunny beaches. Unfortunately there is quite a strong undertow along the coastline so it is safest to swim in monitored areas only - preferably under a white flag. Beach facilities are well developed and most have showers and change rooms. Lockers and deck chairs are available for hire. The beaches of Tel Aviv are considered by some to be the cleanest and most accessible beaches in the world. Many of the beaches have just undergone a facelift to further add to their appeal.

If you tire of sunning yourself or swimming, you might head inland for a bit of daytime entertainment. There are several art museums which have impressive impressionist and post-impressionist displays. There are several wonderful luxury restaurants to take a meal at, and the restored Old Jaffa neighborhood is a great place to cap the evening with delicious cuisine and an relaxing walk. There are a lot of Arab-styled art deco buildings in the city that make for some interesting sight seeing. Much of the fa├žade of this modern city has been designed at the hands of fleeing German architects seeking refuge in Palestine. These designers managed to give the city a great ultra-modern feel and their works have been praised all over the world.

At night you will find the city breathes new life. Oyster bars, nightclubs and shops become nocturnal playgrounds. In summer you will be able to enjoy samba dancing on the beaches as well. Modern day Tel Aviv is a far cry from the large clusters of refugee camps it once was. Only the thriving sex industry is perhaps the last vestige of this somewhat deplorable beginning.

Of course what you won't find here is holy sites or historical buildings. Tel Aviv was only founded in 1909 and has virtually no history at all (except for Jaffa which was once an independent town). But what it lacks in archeological sites it makes up in entertaining attractions. You will certainly find no shortage of things to do here as you party your nights away and enjoy the golden sands of the beach during the day. Tel Aviv is a party you don't need an invitation to.


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