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Italy has an abundance of grassy trails, Roman roads and plenty rolling hills and mountains, which are perfect for hiking. Although you should note that the hiking trails are not very well signed, so it is important to get yourself a map of hiking trails before trying to conquer them on your own. Another thing to remember is that the hunting season in Italy start in September, and they are only allowed to hunt on Sundays, so be sure not to go hiking on a Sunday, you never know, one of the hunters might mistake you for a deer.


The crystal clear water of the Mediterranean Sea and the beautiful picturesque islands surrounding Italy, is any sailors delight. There are many millionaires yachts and catamaran type boats lined up in the harbours of the small but cheering Italian Islands. The great visibility of the clear water of the Mediterranean and the constant favourable coastal winds sets as the perfect aid for great sailing experiences.

Wine Tours

Set of to the countryside of Italy and visit all the beautiful little towns with their picturesque vineyards and friendly faces. There are numerous wine tours in Italy, where you can sample some of the most exquisite wines of the busiest wine exporting land in the world. Discover the culture, the culinary delights and the most famous wine estates in Italy on one of their wine routes.


Very few people actually know that one can actually ski in Italy, but believe it, Italy is a perfect skiing holiday destination. In winter the Alps are covered with thick, white snow, and the small high mountain villages come to life. Italy has a few world class ski resorts, that offer excellent facilities. Italy will give you the opportunity to have a wonderful skiing vacation, but at the same time you will discover a country filled with warm hospitality.


Italy is by far the best place in the world for cycling. The rolling hills, the picturesque countryside the vast coastline, everything is just perfect for exploring on a bicycle. Italy has hundreds of cycle clubs, that will be glad to provide you with some of the best cycling tour routes. You can now discover the most beautiful places in Italy, as well as their delicious food and wine on your own time.


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