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The Colosseum is the best-preserved monument of ancient Rome, this enormous marble building was built to hold more than 50 000 spectators who went to watch the slaughtering of wild beasts and bloody contests of the mighty gladiators. The Colosseum while leave you breathless by its unique architecture and its large size.

Domus Aurea

The Domus Aurea Park houses just a portion of Nero's 'Golden House', which once covered a huge chunk of Rome. After deciding that he was a god, Nero had architects build a house worthy of his divinity. The Forum was reduced to a vestibule of the palace, Nero crowned it with the 35m Colossus, a huge statue of himself as the sun.

The Pantheon

Architects still wonder how this 2000-year-old temple was erected, its dome - a perfect half-sphere made of poured concrete without the support of vaults, arches, or ribs - is the largest of its kind. The light that enters the roof was used as a sundial to indicate the passing of the hours and the dates of equinoxes and solstices. In AD 606, it was consecrated as the Church of Santa Maria ad Martyres.

Vatican Museums

More or less the content of every art book you've ever seen. The four color-coded routes displayed at the entrance are the only way to see the museums, The Egyptian Museum contains a small, high-quality sample of Egyptian and pseudo-Egyptian statuary and paintings. The walk through the entire gallery comes out in the Belvedere Courtyard, with its gigantic bronze pinecone, and a view of the Tower of the Winds, where Queen Christina of Sweden lived briefly before insisting on more comfortable accommodations.

Canal Grande

The Canal Grande loops through Venice, and the splendid facades of the palazzo that crown its banks testify to the city's history of immense wealth. Although their external decorations vary, the palaces share the same basic structure.


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