Travel to Capri in Italy


The stunning Isle of Capri is unimaginably beautiful. Exploring Capri with its legendary past and natural beauty will leave a lasting impression on all.

Caesar August visited Capri in 29 BC and was so impressed with the unique island that he purchased it from Naples, paying for it with the island of Ischia. Tiberius Caesar, Augustus' successor, ordered the construction of 12 villas to be devoted to 12 gods of Olympus. From the Villa Jovis, the largest of the 12, he ruled the Empire. The Church of St. Maria del Soccorso was built adjoining the 1st century AD villa and was only ever opened for Tiberian Piedigrotta, a religious feast. A statue Mother Mary stands to the side of the church.

The early 1800s ushered in a new era for the island of Capri. Soon after the discovery of the Blue Grotto, scores of tourists began to visit this magical island. Many artists, literary geniuses, rich people and exiles came to reside on the island. All of which has contributed to Capri's cosmopolitan society.

The Blue Grotto is an enchanting place originally discovered by the Romans as is evident by the ancient statues found there. Due to special geological conditions the cavern is lit up with blue light from sunlight passing through a cavity under the sea water. For a long time the grotto, then called Gradola by locals, was said to be the residence of witches and monsters.

Essential when visiting Capri is a trip on the dazzling Mediterranean sea. A great number of gorgeous sections of Capri are only accessible by boat. You can either join an organized tour or choose to rent a boat. Stop at an isolated bay and spend a few hours swimming or tanning.

There are many other activities to enjoy on the Isle of Capri. Consider going for a walk or taking the chairlift up Mount Solaro. Stroll through the Gardens of Augustus. Or check out Sergio Rubino's miniature reproductions of Capri to learn more about its past.

Book your room in a one of Capri's hotels soon. A holiday in Capri will leave you feeling relaxed and calm. This island of absolute beauty and mystery will truly capture your heart.


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