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Italy is an incredibly beautiful and well-aged country. From quaint, picturesque countryside orchards and villas to the sculpted streets of the cities, you can expect your entire stay in the country to be an enjoyable one. Italy holidays are very popular with people from all corners of the globe and the moment you step foot in the country you'll understand why. Italy is a place where legends are made and where memories last a lifetime.

There are, at the very least, three cities you should attempt to visit when touring Italy - Rome, Venice and Milan. All are equally famous and all have their very own lure. Rome is not only immensely beautiful, but it is full of history. Once the epicenter of the Roman Empire, the city is clothed in a rich blanket of historical buildings and beautiful art. Attractions such as the Colosseum, the Pantheon and the Vatican have visitors flocking to the shores of Rome each year. Besides these there are a number of great artworks - many by the notable sculptor and artist Michelangelo - abound. Rome has an effortless sense of graceful timelessness that simply engulfs you day after day.

Venice is perhaps best known as the 'city of love'. Built on a marsh, it's best known characteristic is that of the waterways which have replaced the roads and streets which are so much a part of other cities. The city is incredibly charming and the pace of life is somehow slower here. It's not wonder that lovers are often seen enjoying each other's company on the back of a gondolier as they tour the city. Besides the city's strong history and charming architecture, visitors to Venice can also enjoy exquisite dining and entertainment.

Milan, on the other hand, is know for its place at the center of the fashion world. A place of art, culture and fancy living, it is home to some of the most influential fashion houses in the world. Milan also has a great architectural heritage - much like the rest of Italy - and is home to some of Leonardo da Vinci's great artworks. While you may be able to find a cheap flight to Italy, it is wise to note that not all Italy hotels have the same price tag. And if you do find a cheap hotel in Italy, the hotel is not likely to be located in Milan. However there are a number of hotels offering different levels of service and prices are usually lower out of season. This means that with a little bit of shopping around you should be able to find exactly what you need.


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