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The people of Italy are generally called Italians. However, they can be divided into regional groups, such as the Sicilians of Sicily. Because Italy's history is so long and varied, this has had an immeasurable impact on the culture of these passionate people. Italian culture has also influenced the cultures of other countries over the years. The main language spoken in Italy is Italian. However it should be remembered that several other regional languages are also spoken here.

One way that Italian culture has influence other countries is through its food. Few people today do not know of pizza and pasta. Food is considered to be an important part of the Italian lifestyle and there are generally quite a few regional variations of their cuisine. Lattes, cappuccinos and espressos are all Italian in nature as is the famous Lasagna pasta dish.

One area of Italian culture that stands out is Italian art. The emergence of several brilliant artists over the years is a testament to the inspiring nature of the country. In the early beginnings, the establishment of the Roman Empire meant that Italy was able to influence and absorb the art of many nations. Drawing of the fine achievements of the ancient Greeks and Etruscans, they slowly began to develop a sense of style unique to their own people. The renaissance saw the appearance of several historically significant artists, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Donatello and Raphael. Sculptures and artworks by these men still adorn the cities of Italy today. In later times, Titian and Tintoretto and many others have continued to develop art and exert an influence on the artistic world.

Another area of life that Italy has proven to have a great influence on other cultures is in its architecture. The Roman style of architecture was initially drawn from the Greeks, but it soon developed into its own style completely. Over the years, new styles were created that were uniquely Italian such as the Palladian style. These have been reproduced and drawn on elsewhere in the world.

Italian cinema, theater and music have also been saluted over the years. Italian theatre can be traced back to the ancient Rome, and the camera has been in use in this country virtually since its inception. Traditional music is generally regional and has a colorful flair to it - the perfect compliment to a wonderful Italian meal.


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