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Genoa is recognized by many as a city of contrast. You will find distinguished palaces in amongst modest houses. True beauty is found in the magnificent architecture of the buildings of Genoa a city of marble. Genoa is located on Italy's northwest coast and was the first port in Italy.

There are many things to do in Genoa. Simply ambling through the streets and alleyways (carruggi) of Genoa will take you back in history. Small pathways from the old town suddenly open up onto little squares and the combination of medieval design and newer developments will leave you awe-struck. Remnants of the 12th century city walls are seen in the Soprana and dei Vacca gates.

The famous San Lorenzo Cathedral of the 13th century displays the alleged basin into which John the Baptist's head fell. Stroll past the grand Santi Cosima e Damiano, San Matteo and Santo Stefano churches. Art enthusiasts will enjoy the National Gallery at Palazzo Spinola. Here you can view furnishings dating back to the 1500s to the 1700s and a brilliant art collection. Look for the Palazzo Bianco where you can find the Civic museum which features an Genoese and European art collection. Oriental art can be viewed at the Museo d'Arte Orientale.

Genoa's waterfront is very popular. The Old Port area has been renovated and a remarkable Aquarium, the second largest in Europe, was built. Today, the Old Harbor has been made into a mall and is always abuzz with people. Tourists can enjoy a meal at a café-restaurant or browse through the market stalls. La Lanterna is the oldest lighthouse world wide that is still in operation. This ancient lighthouse is also the tallest brick lighthouse in the world.

Why not book your flight to Genoa to arrive for the historic Regatta. This exciting festival provides some of the greatest entertainment in Genoa. Usually held in June representatives from several ancient maritime republics compete in a friendly competition. A Jazz festival is also held in Genoa in the month of July.

Hotels in Genoa vary from luxury to simple guest houses. Reviews of Genoa's hotels can be found online and will help you in deciding where to stay.

Genoa, the city of black and white marble, a city of contrasts, a city you will never forget.


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