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Legend has it that Positano was established by Poseidon, god of the sea, for his great love, Pasitea, a nymph.

Romans built a villa near the Spaiggia Grande beach where the Church of Assunta was situated. The town of Positano was later established by survivors from Paestum during the Middle Ages. It then became a Maritime republic. The port was prosperous up until the 1800s. In the beginning of the 1900s Positano was a poor fishing village. Visits by writers and painters increased the area's popularity. Tourists began flooding into Positano in the 1950s when John Steinbeck wrote an essay on the city.

Nowadays this small town of Positano gains most of its income from the tourist industry. Visitors are attracted by the sheer beauty of the town as it is situated in an enclave of the hills on the Amalfi Coast.

Postiano's most well-known landmark is the church of Santa Maria Assunta. The church is built in a Moorish style with a domed roof made of majolica tiles. On entering the church you will observe the detailed interior and the magnificent Byzantine Black Madonna created in the 13th century. The Madonna also plays a part in Positano legends. Apparently the Madonna was stolen and the city began to call out the word "posa" (home). Once the Madonna was returned the city was renamed Positano.

Whilst ambling through the streets of Positano you will find many lovely boutiques where you can purchase gifts for friends and family. Sunbathers take to the pebbled beaches to catch a tan. You are certain to do plenty of walking in Positano so remember to bring comfortable walking shoes.

Hotels in Positano vary from luxury to the more basic. An increases in prices of Positano's hotel rooms has been noted so look around for a good deal.

This mysterious city filled with legends will continue to call to you long after you have gone.


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