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Beautiful Sorrento has been a popular holiday destination for centuries. A city steeped in mythology and legends, surrounded by awe-inspiring views and air scented with orange blossom, Sorrento will draw you to its shores.

Homer's "The Odyssey" tells of Ulysses' travel by sea past Sorrento. As the ship was tossed about by the ocean Ulysses and his men bound themselves to the mast so as not to lured by magical songs of the Sirens. Many similar legends have been told about the strong appeal of this unique city.

Today the mystery of Sorrento remains, attracting people from around the world. Remains of the ancient occupation of this region are seen in the walls of a Greek temple dedicated to Athena and in the early Roman villas decorated with nymphs and fish ponds. By following the ancient paved roads you will discover the cities rich history. The old city centre has remained unscathed by progress and grand churches and monasteries are seen in their glory. Durazzo portals and palaces of old provide a glimpse into the lives of Sorrento's nobles. Visit the many museums in the town for further enlightenment on the history of the region.

Due to the magnificent beauty and cultural heritage of Sorrento it became part of the "Grand Tour". Many foreign intellectuals in the 18th century would travel to Italy's most noteworthy cities so as to study Italian history, culture and art, and to gain inspiration. Included among these were Keats, Dickens, Goethe, Byron, Ibsen and more.

Today, the amazing city of Sorrento continues to attract vast numbers of tourists. Superb accommodation in Sorrento is available for those visiting. From Sorrento's hotels to camping facilities, hostels, farm holidays and Bed and Breakfasts in Sorrento. Sorrento's accommodation is of a high standard and staff offer tourists much assistance in getting around to Sorrento's many attractions.

A holiday in Sorrento has something to offer everyone. From quiet sight-seeing excursions to boat trips and many great local festivities. Excursions to nearby areas, such as Mount Vesuvius, Pompeii, Capri and Ischia are popular.

The mysterious city of Sorrento is unforgettable, leaving you with picturesque memories and a desire to return.


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