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Explore the romantic city of Venice

The Italian city of love, Venice is truly a unique and picturesque place. From the famed gondoliers to the much loved Basilica of San Marco, the city has a lot to offer. Exchanging the bustle of horse drawn vehicles in earlier days and motorized cars in more modern times with the gentle lapping of water, Venice is a place where you can find yourself mesmerized by times gone bye.

Humans first attempted to settle on the Venice Lagoon islands in the 5th and 6th centuries. This unusual choice of building site was the result of the barbaric invasions that took place after the Roman Empire fell. In an attempt to escape such brutality, people from the mainland took to the swampy lagoon. They built rafts and supported these on strong wooden poles. They then connected the rafts together with wooden walkways and built houses, buildings and monuments on them.

Slowly, the legacy of Venice started to emerge. The only metropolis of its kind in the world, it grew and developed until it was large enough to take on the title of 'city'. It adopted its own form of government called the Dogado and because of its position, trade flourished.

One trip to Venice should be enough to convince of that romance is breathed by the city's walls. The place seems to have a lust for all things fine and beautiful and it displays its treasures proudly. You would be able to visit the many wonderfully decorated churches, including the Basilica of San Marco, built to house the stolen remains of the Apostle Mark. There are also many fine old buildings - most of which have been around for hundreds of years - and museums to see. Piazzas abound, bridges sweep gracefully over waterways and markets offer the chance to spend your money. Exquisite dining and entertainment are another feature of Venice.

You will likely find that by the time you have to take your leave of this marvelous city, you will be unwilling to do so. Captivated by the romantic waterways and alluring architecture, Venice will become a part of your memories for ever more.


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