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Verona, a romanitic city made famous by the story of Romeo and Juliet and for its grand Roman architecture. Indeed, this is a city with a remarkable literary history. Not only did Shakespeare mention Verona in his plays, but Dante is known to have taken refuge in the Scaligeri Palace in Verona. Why not have a look at Dante's Sculpture.

Immerse yourself into Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, story of love and tragedy by joining a tour of Juliet's House (La Casa di Giulietta). The home of the Capulet family dates back to the 1200s. Viewing the small marble balcony is sure to bring Romeo's declaration of love to your mind. Casa Montecchi nearby is said to be the house of Romeo.

Verona's most famous monument is the Roman Arena built in the 1st century A.D. The enormous amphitheatre is able to hold approximately 24 000 spectators. The violent fights between gladiators of the past have been replaced by the magnificent sounds of opera and other shows. Whilst the exterior wall has sustained damage, the interior is still in fine condition and has maintained its brilliant acoustics.

After visiting the Roman arena you can enjoy a meal or do some souvenir shopping in Verona's Piazza Bra whilst surrounded by buildings of long ago. The Gran Guardia Palace of 1610 and the Palazzo Guastaverza are the work of Sanmicheli.

Essential on your itinerary is a visit to the Giardino Giusti. Explore the pathways of this amazing labyrinth garden of the 1500s where you will also find fantastical sculptures.

If you would like to do some shopping in Verona, make your way to the street Via Mazzini where you will be able to purchase designer clothing. The market at the beautiful Piazza delle Erbe has been in existence since Roman times. Among other things you can buy fresh vegetables and fruit whilst encircled by historical sculptures and buildings.

The numerous activities in Verona to see will keep you busy. Explore the many lovely squares and view the amazing architectural structures such as the Tower Lamberti, the Cathedral, the Palazzo Comune and so much more.

Contact your travel agent as soon as possible to organize a flight to Verona and to find out about Verona's hotels. Verona's hotels are fantastic and the service is great.

The city of Verona will take you back in time to ancient Rome and all through the centuries, leaving you feeling nostalgic and enlightened.


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