Travel to Acapulco in Mexico

Enjoy the famous town of Acapulco

Acapulco, beautifully situated on the Pacific coast and sited at the base of Sierra Madre del Sur, is a famous holiday destination. The sun in Acapulco shines down on sparkling seas, white sandy beaches, lush hills and rocky outcrops, an amazing panorama.

Whilst it is certain that the area had been settled for at the least a millennium, the first mention of a town was made only in the 15th century. In 1521, the first European, Gil Gonzales Ávila (Spanish conquistador) discovered the magnificent bay. Acapulco came to be used as a supply base for journeys up and down the coastline. Toward the latter part of the 16th century Acapulco's port was used for trading with South America for gold and silver, and with Asian countries for silk, spices and porcelain. Acapulco only reached its peak following World War Two when tourists stumbled upon this stunning destination.

Acapulco's greatest draw is its beaches. In fact, tourists have over 20 to choose from. The beaches of Caletilla and Caleta are great for bathing as the waters are calm. Hop aboard a glass bottom boat to observe the lovely underwater life. Boats will transport you to the nearby island of La Roqueta. The beach here has been declared a nature reserve. Standing out from the waters is the bronze statue of Virgin Submarina. Popular afternoon beaches are Playa Hornos and Playa Hornitos. Playa Condesa is known for its vibrant nightlife. Revolcadero beach is a great place if you are looking for somewhere quiet to enjoy a picnic or stroll on the soft sands. Nearby are Pie de la Cuesta and Laguna Coyuca. The lagoon is stunningly encircled by verdant vegetation and its waters filled with fascinating fish. These are just a few, the options seem to go on forever.

Acapulco's evenings are filled with excitement as the "clavidistas" - or divers of Quebrada - leap off the cliffs. After praying to an icon of the Madonna the divers throw themselves from 40 m up down to the waves below. Floodlights shine upon this unusual event. Nearby El Tajín the Totonac Indians can be seen engaging in the danza del volador. This is a flying ritual based on fertility myths.

Within Acapulco is the Centro Cultural y de Convenciones with folk craft exhibitions, an archaeological museum and theatre performances. Avenida Costera Miguel Alemán is always bustling as this is where the main hotels, clubs, shops and restaurants in Acapulco are located. When shopping in Acapulco bargaining is a must, fortunately the shop-keepers aren't too pushy. If you are shopping in Acapulco for clothing or jewelry, there are many lovely boutiques with fantastic stock. Acapulco's restaurants offer a great variety of cuisine. Acapulco's hotels range from simple and comfortable to absolute luxury. Check out online reviews of hotels in Acapulco when deciding where to book in.

Acapulco is seaside holiday resort where you can have a fantastic time relaxing on the white beaches, exploring the city or partying through the night.


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