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Duck hunting

Many ducks and doves are attracted each year to Mexico by the warm climate and vast fields of rice, corn, barley and varieties of other crops that cover the lush farmlands of Mexico. Mexico has long been known for the best duck and dove hunting region in the world. Fast flying birds, furious action and shotguns are trademarks of Mexico's farmlands. Bird hunters in Mexico get up to three months extra to hunt, after most of the seasons closed in the US. Most bird hunting tours make use of tractors and boats to go hunting on, as it expands your shooting opportunities and increases the number of birds you will encounter.

Bird Watching

Of the existing somewhat 9000 bird species in the world, 769 breed in Mexico and an additional 257 are migrant and accidentals. Mexico has many lagoons and mountainous landscapes with plenty fields of corn rice and barley that attracts birds from all around the world, which makes it a bird watching paradise, all year round.

Horseback riding

Mexico is a land with breathtaking landscapes and a rich cultural and historical heritage. It has a beautiful unspoiled countryside and the winter climate is delightful, making it a prime destination for a horseback riding vacation. You can choose your horse, route, degree of difficulty and length of ride in the surrounding countryside. Ride along the beach or into the local hills. Well groomed horses are available for rides along the beach or into the tropical jungle.

Mountain Biking

Mexico offers a vast number of undeveloped backwoods roads, and rolling hills to thrill all types of mountain bike riding connoisseurs. The tours are provided on levels of experience, so that even beginners can discover the picturesque places on their own pace. The summer months tend to be a little too hot for heavy cycling, but the winter climate is very favourable for this extreme outdoor activity.


Mexico has over 10 000km of coastline and offers a bounty of watersport activities. Great fishing and some of the finest scuba diving in the world can be experienced in Mexico. The crystal clear, calm waters of the Mediterranean Sea together with warm weather, sunshine and pleasant climates make taking part in watersport pleasurable and fun. Anything from water skiing, jet skiing, snorkeling, power-boating, yachting and about anything else can be enjoyed in Mexico.


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