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Enjoy the vibrant town of Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas may have started life as a small fishing community but now stands proudly as a small city and a fast expanding holiday center for the wealthy. Besides offering the average visitor a variety of beaches, an ocean teeming with fish and spectacular rock formations, Cabo San Lucas is surrounded by the most peculiar, infertile landscape - something which gives the city a whole new dimension.

While the area now known as Cabo San Lucas may have been inhabited since paleolithic times, it was not until the beginning of the 20th century that it really started to develop into a proper village. This development came when an American company recognized the large fishing potential of the area and built a floating platform in order to catch tuna. Ten years later the Compañía de Productos Marinos was founded and this gave rise to a small village. However it didn't take long for other people to discover the warmth of the waters, the beauty of the beaches and the abundance of sport fish and soon both foreigners and Mexicans started to visit the city to enjoy fun-filled vacations. Large-scale tourist developments started to rise from 1974 and it soon became one of the most attractive tourism centers in the country with a large number of Cabo San Lucas hotels.

Today the area is well-developed to cater to the various needs of holidaymakers and you will find no shortage of things to do. For those looking to relax, the city offers a number of spa facilities as well as beaches, great sights and a laid-back lifestyle. There are a number of Cabo San Lucas shoppping centers and for meals, you can dine at a wide variety of Cabo San Lucas restaurants. In winter you will be privy to the birthing of whale calves who come here to enjoy the sanctuary of the warm waters. In summer there is fishing, water sports and cruise ships which pass by regularly. There are also a number of beautiful rock formations which are definitely worth a picture or two. And at night there is a wonderful party atmosphere to be enjoyed. Not far away you will find that what is known as 'the Corridor' - 20 miles of beautiful white beaches and coves all incorporated into a number of high-quality resorts and golf-courses. Book now to make sure you don't miss out on a great holiday in Cabo San Lucas!


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