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Mexican culture is a culmination of 3000 years of Mesoamerican history, 300 years of Spanish colonization and strong US influences. Though Europe, Africa and Asia have also had some influence, it is to a far lesser extent. So many diverse influences have resulted in a unique culture that can be seen in the people, clothes, way of life and distinctive flair of modern Mexico.

Though Spanish is the official and most predominant language of Mexico, various indigenous languages still exist. Though few people survive who can still speak these languages some, such as Nahuatl, have had a notable impact on the Spanish spoken in Mexico. As a result, there are certain words which now permeate Mexican Spanish but cannot be found anywhere in the rest of the Spanish speaking world. Certain Nahuatl words have transcended most language barriers, making their way into the lives of millions. Examples of this are tomato, chocolate, coyote and avocado.

When it comes to family stability, Mexicans are known having unified families. The country has one of the lowest divorce rates in the world. Many children stay with their parents until they marry - regardless of what age they stay single until. And even after marriage families might prefer to stick to the same house, neighborhood or city so that closeness can be maintained. Family members are incredibly loyal to each other. In the average Mexican family, the father is regarded as the head while the mother is considered to be the heart. Because of the closeness of families and the fear of betrayal, Mexicans can sometimes be misunderstood as being untrusting. However it is simply a result of cultural policies and one should not be offended by this.

When it comes to art, a lot of the ancienct Mesoamerican influences of old often come out. Mexico is famous for its folk art - most notable on clay pottery and in bird and animal figures. Brightly coloured garments and shawls, as well as rugs and baskets are also a form of art. Mexican poetry, music and food are also outstanding and items such as Tequila have become world famous.


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