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Discover the charming town of Ensenada

Ensenada, the "Cinderella of the Pacific", is a leading holiday resort on the Baja peninsula. In 1542, Don Juan Rodriguez of Portugal discovered the area. Ensenada began as a fishing village. Today, Ensenada is a top weekend hot spot and tourist destination. Its ease of accessibility, stunning climate, natural beauty and great infrastructure means you will have a fantastic holiday experience in Ensenada.

From the sea to the desert, from the valley to the mountains, Ensenada has a fascinating diversity of natural wonders for you to experience. Gray whale watching is very rewarding. This species of whale usually swims in the shallower waters and gives birth in the lagoons. Between November and March is the best time to see these amazing creatures. La Bufadora or the Blowhole is a cave that has formed over many years due to erosion. When the waves enter the cave, the blowhole spurts out a large spray of water producing an impressive sound. Surrounding this dramatic natural wonder is a botanical garden as well as observation decks.

Ensenada also has a grand cultural and historical heritage seen in its architecture and the missions scattered throughout the city. The Museo De Historia has fascinating displays with themes relating to the native people and foreign explorers of the past. Ex-Aduana Maritima contains various exhibits of cultural and historical importance. It is housed in the old Maritime Customs house dating back to 1887. "Caracol" Museo De Ciencias is a science museum where in you can explore displays related to marine science, physics, astronomy, and paleontology.

Ensenada is reputably one of Mexico's best wine growing regions. In fact, over 90 % of table wines in Mexico are from this area. Santo Tomas Winery has been in existence since 1888. Here you can enjoy a wine tasting tour which will give you insight into the past and technique of wine making.

Riviera Del Pacifico is Ensenada's civic and cultural center as well as a historical symbol. Formerly a casino constructed in 1930, there are lovely gardens and fountains to see.

From camping grounds to hotels, Ensenada can cater for all your needs. Ensenada's hotels offer brilliant service and modern facilities.

Mexico's Ensenada is a city filled with historical charm, modern convenience and natural brilliance, a truly unforgettable holiday destination.


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