Essential Travel Information for Mexico

Essential Information when you travel Mexico

When to Go

Most people prefer going to Mexico in winter, as it is a little cooler then, but many tourists find the rest of the year equally enjoyable. Mexico's high season is in winter, so if you are amongst those who prefer it a little quieter and less crowded then best will be to come in mid or low season. The difference between high, mid and low season, may only be as little as a few days and it could save you thousands.


Mexico's climate differs from a tropical to a desert climate and it is almost always quite hot, but not totally unbearable. You should make sure to always have fresh cool water with you and use an large amount of sunblock if you are not use to the harsh sun or wear a sombrero to fit in with the Mexican culture. Burning in the harsh sun of Mexico can become very uncomfortable, and it might be hard to enjoy your vacation with a sore sun-burnt body.

Health and Safety

Your health should not be at risk in Mexico but there are a few common ailments that may occur, such as: mild diarrhea, heat exhaustion, heat stroke and sunburn. Mexico is very, very hot in places. If you're walking around in the sunshine, take bottled water with you and keep hydrated at all times. A sombrero is a good investment - you can buy a good one just about anywhere in Mexico. Because Mexico is a large city and is well populated, you don't need to fear for your life. The crime factor in Mexico is not very high, but you should just take certain precautions to protect you from any harm. Do not walk alone at night, act normal and don't be dripping gold or wear to much jewelry that could attract unwanted attention. Be alert at all times, as all cities in the world has common cases of pickpockets.

Visas and Passports

British, Australian, European, Japanese and South Africans needs visas and passports valid for at least 6 months after date of entry, to enter Mexico for a visit of up to 90 days. USA and Canadian civilians do not need a passport or visa to enter Mexico for a period of up to 90 days.

Money and Currency

Mexico's currency is the Mexican Peso. ATM's are widespread in Mexico. They are almost always open, very reliable and will dish out Mexican Pesos to anyone with a card connected to one of the global networks, like VISA, MasterCard, American Express, etc.


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