Travel to Ixtapa in Mexico

Travel to the stunning town of Ixtapa

Ixtapa is a stunning holiday resort. Together with Zihuaganejo they form the Dorado PacĂ­fico. Ixtapa is renowned for its well-kept beaches, bright sunshine, blue sea, verdant vegetation and colorful birdlife. Within Ixtapa there are fantastic shopping centres, boutiques, bars, restaurants and clubs all which contribute to its outstanding holiday feel.

There is much to do in the Ixtapa-Zihuaganejo area, the fun never ends. Of course, the beaches are the greatest attraction. Whether you want to bathe in the warm waters, picnic on the sands or play a game of volleyball, Ixtapa's beaches are perfect. The most popular beaches in the area are: La Madera, La Ropa, Municipal and Las Gatas. Offshore of Playa Las Gatas is a unique coral reef, a fantastic spot for diving and snorkeling. Other great diving points with a brilliant diversity of fauna and flora are Godarnias, El Pango, Fandango and Contramar. At the beaches you can enjoy a variety of watersports as well as a sunset cruise. Boat tours in Ixtapa are a fantastic opportunity to experience the splendor of the coastline. There are many other tours of Ixtapa and its surrounds that will lead you on a fabulous adventure.

Ecotourism in Ixtapa is also big. With activities such as mountain biking, ocean rafting and snorkeling you will have a fantastic time. Try a gentle hike along magnificent pathways or canter along the glistening sands. Birdwatchers will love the great variety of birdlife in the area.

Golfers will have unforgettable games at the two world-class golf courses. Palma Real golf course is set in coconut plantations, tropical flora and lakes. Marina Ixtapa golf course has canals running throughout the course.

The Handcrafts Market is a great place to go shopping for all your loved ones back home. Purchase lovely goods made with seashells, semi-precious stones and corals. Also available are ceramics and amate tree bark paintings, lacquers and silver jewelry.

Ixtapa's infrastructure is first-class. High-rise hotels in Ixtapa are intermingled with luxury condominiums and time-shares. Ixtapa's hotels vary from basic to luxury and will suit every budget. The nearby Las Brisas Ixtapa is a popular resort.

Mexico's Ixtapa is a holiday destination where modern life meets nature in perfect harmony. It is a destination where you can feel the sun kiss your skin as you relax or feel the thrill of adventure as you explore the surrounding landscape. Ixtapa is truly a vacationer's dream.


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