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Enjoy the vibrant city of Mazatlan

Situated on the Pacific coast of Mexico you will find the city and surrounding municipality of Mazatlan. The word is Nahuatl for 'place of deer' and while the area has been settled by indigenous Indian people for many centuries, the city was only founded in the 1820s. It quickly grew into the thriving mecca it is today and not only enjoys a thriving commercial seaport but also a large tourist-related economy. Mazatlan has the largest commercial port in Mexico as well as a number of great beaches which make it a popular tourist destination.

The history of Mazatlan really started when a Spanish banker by the name of Machado arrived in 1829. Machado established commercial relations with the various vessels which arrived here from Chile, Peru, China, Europe and the US. Business proved to be good and by 1836, just seven years later, Mazatlan's population numbered between 4000 and 5000. Not much later gold was discovered in the area. Gold diggers from the US braved a journey from the Atlantic to the Gulf of Mexico where they bought horses to ride all the way to Mazatlan. Once they'd made their fortune or decided to return home, they then had to sail to San Francisco over a period of four to five weeks. The hard work and extensive traveling may have acted as a deterrent to some, but others pursued their goal relentlessly and managed to strike it lucky. The discovery of these rich gold and silver mines further helped Mazatlan to grow and the harbor still regularly helps import new equipment for these mines.

If you are planning to visit Mazatlan, you will likely be hoping to enjoy the many beautiful beaches that are actively advertised by travel agencies. However there are a few other attractions to enjoy in this vibrant city. After arriving at the Gral. Rafael Buelna International Airport, you might try visiting the lighthouse. The building was installed in 1879 but the original handcrafted and imported lamp was static and often mistaken as a star. As a result the lamp was converted to a revolving lamp by 1905. You might also take the time to enjoy some of the peculiar cultural music in Mazatlan which is known as Banda. Seeming somewhat out of place in this part of the world, the music style is a variation of Bavarian folk music and was developed by the German immigrants who arrived here in the mid 1800s. If you're more interested in bright lights and celebrations, make sure you're in town the week before Ash Wednesday. This is when the annual Carnival is celebrated and you will be able to enjoy parades, balls and many other festivities. Mazatlan's Carnival is the third largest Mardi Gras in the world so you can be sure it will be an event to remember. Book your ticket to Mazatlan now to make sure that you don't miss out on the festivities!


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