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Discover Mexico's capital Mexico City

The world's largest city, Mexico City is an incredible mixture of energetic metropolis, historical landmark and nightlife capital. It is famous for a number of things but one can only really understand why all of these reputations are well deserved if you take the time to visit the city.

This amazing and huge city is built on the ruins of the ancient Aztec capital Tenochtitlan. As a result, there are many remnants of the ancient Aztec civilization that once covered the area. The Templo Mayor Excavation and Anthropological Museum are good places to go if you are interesting in digging deeper into the mysterious past of Mexico City.

Mexico City is also known for its fine cuisine. Perhaps one of the best places to go is Bellini - a revolving restaurant that will give you a great view of the whole city while you enjoy a splendid meal. You should be able to get almost anywhere in the city by taxi, buses or subway. Driving in the city itself is not recommended.

Mexico City was once the center of the Aztec empire. The town square (Zócalo) is built on the same spot where Montezuma's palace once stood. It is an amazing 13 acres in size and yet still manages to get cramped on holidays and weekends. However, you will also enjoy the many monuments, parks and fountains which add a touch of beauty to this magnificent city. Many of the older buildings where made out of the ruins of Aztec buildings and can still be found standing between skyscrapers and other modern architecture.

The Chapultepec Park and the Alameda Park are both wonderful places to relax and unwind after a busy day. Both are sites with strong historical significance and are impressive in size. Chapultepec Park has three of the most important museums in Mexico City while Alameda Park is the city's oldest park.

Mexico City is really the country's capital, center of commerce, finance and art, as well as the seat of government. It is amazingly rich in cultural heritage as well as offering a vibrant commercial experience. The largest city in the world has something to offer the whole family. Book your tickets now.


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