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Discover the historically rich town of Morelia

Founded in 1541 by Antonio de Mendoza, Morelia has many interesting colonial buildings and churches - so much so that the historic downtown area has been designated as a World Heritage Site. The city is located in the Guayangareo valley and is surrounded by the Punhauto and Quinceo hills. This means that not on is it an interesting place to visit, but that it has beautiful and relaxing surroundings.

Morelia was founded as the city of Valladolid before the arrival of Columbus. Until then the region had been inhabited by the native pirindas people. During the colonial period Valladolid became home to a number of religious orders which allowed the city to have an important role in the history of art and culture in Mexico. It also resulted in the construction of a large number of beautiful colonial buildings. Many of them, such as the Catedral de Morelia, the Governor's Palace, the Palacio Clavijero and the Aqueduct, are now interesting architectural and historical attractions. As you walk the city you will also find a number of other churches, convents and houses worth viewing. The first music conservatory in the Americas, the Conservatorio de Musica de las Rosas, can also be found in Morelia.

If you are planning to visit Morelia, you may choose to spend more than just a few hours here as there is a lot to see. The historical downtown city center encompasses about 150 city blocks and features over a thousand historical buildings and sites! The area is known for being clean and having a great many tourists attractions. Besides being able to view the sites mentioned above, you will also be able to see the Casa del Arte where you will be able to view a large number of high quality arts and crafts. The Templo de las Rosas and the Conservatorio de las Rosas is build in the baroque style and are very elegant. When you finally wade through all these delightful attractions and beautiful buildings, you might choose to head to the Santa Maria mountain range. Besides being beautiful, the area houses a large university and a number of upmarket residential areas. The University has also become a popular destination for those wishing to study the Spanish language or the Latin American culture and so you will find a somewhat cosmopolitan atmosphere on the campus. If you life great art and beautiful architecture, why not give Morelia a try. It will blow you away.


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