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Discover the lively town of Rosarito

The lively town of Rosarito is located roughly 35 minutes south of the US border in Tijuana. A popular holiday destination for young people and college students, it boasts miles of beaches, hotels and dance clubs. While it sees most of its traffic over the Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends, it also enjoys a continuous stream of visitors during the rest of the year. The official name of the city is Playas de Rosarito.

The area where Rosarito is situated has been home to a number of native tribes for centuries - most notably the Pai Pai, Cochimi, Kiliwa, Cucupa and Kumiai tribes. It was the Kumiai tribe who chose to settle in the Rosarito Beach area and as a result, many archeological finds have been made here. Traces of ever day life for these ancient peoples come in the form of arrowheads, stone kitchen utensils and mortar. Today there are only ninety three Kumiai still alive in the area. Life for these native Indians changed dramatically in 1533 with the arrival of the Spaniards. The Spaniards established missions and began to evangelize the native Kumiais. As time passed by the area saw conflict between both religious and political fractions and while these may have had enormous effects on the people living here at the time, it has not had a terribly large effect on modern day Rosarito. More important, perhaps was the development of big ranches in the area. The ranches brought with them prosperity and soon the small town of Rosarito was blossoming. 1925 saw the start of Rosarito's tourism industry when the Rosarito Beach Hotel and Rene's bar was established. Tourists flocked here to enjoy the beaches, to fish and to hunt dear, quail and rabbit. As the town grew in popularity its boundaries started to expand. Before long Rosarito became home to shops, hotel chains, restaurants, gas stations and busy roads. Many more people were able to discover just what a treasure Rosarito was and so more people continued to vacation here.

Today tourism continues to be one of the mainstream sources of income for many of the enterprises in Rosarito. Besides resorts, watersports and great beaches, patrons also come here to enjoy the vibrant night life and scenic surroundings. To add to this, nearby Popotla is the home of many of the sets for Fox Studios. The studio has set up a museum dedicated to several of the great epics they have been involved in producing - including some of the sets from the movie 'Titanic'. If you can make time for it in between all the sunbathing and clubbing, the museum makes for a great outing.


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