Travel to San Miguel de Allende in Mexico

Discover the beautiful town of San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende, a city of culture, beauty and a rich historical heritage. Recognized as an art mecca, San Miguel de Allende is an impressive city to visit.

San Miguel de Allende was established by the Franciscan monk Fray Juan de San Miguel in 1542 when he created an Indian mission. Soon Tlaxcala's Indians moved to the colony and in 1555 it was designated a provincial town called San Miguel el Grande. Wealthy land owners also moved to the town and several of their homesteads can be seen in the town. San Miguel de Allende played a major role in the Mexican War of Independence. Ignacio de Allende a native of the town joined in the war in 1810. He was eventually captured and decapitated. In 1826, the town was renamed San Miguel de Allende in honor of their hero.

In 1926 San Miguel de Allende was considered a national historic monument by the government and development limited to protect the original character of the town. Due to its fine climate, stunning architecture and thermal springs large numbers of people started visiting the town, some even taking up residence. Today, San Miguel de Allende is a popular tourist destination with the charm of the colonial architecture and the beauty of the valley into which it sprawls. The town has also become a hub of artistic and intellectual activities such as painting, music, pottery, drama and literature. In fact, San Miguel de Allende is home to two important art institutes and many galleries. There is more than enough to fill your cultural appetite.

The Parroquia, a large pseudogothic church in the centre of town stands out clearly. Several tombs lie below the chief altar in the church wherein the remains of previous bishops and numerous dignitaries have been placed. The public can see the tombs only one day a year namely 2 November, the Day of the Dead. San Miguel de Allende's oldest church, Capilla de Casqueros, dates back to the mid 15th century.

Within the town and other nearby villages fascinating Indian chapels can be found. Inside the unpretentious structures are unusual images of the saints, crosses and other religious themes.

There are many other architectural wonders to explore in San Miguel de Allende such as Casa del Mayrazgo de Canal, the Palacio Municipal, La ConcepciĆ³n and Teatro Angela Peralta. You can also enjoy the natural splendor of the area at the Cante Botanical Gardens which grows and sells many species of succulents.

There is no lack of good hotels in San Miguel de Allende. No matter your budget, you will find the perfect hotel for your stay. San Miguel de Allende's hotels boast top-class facilities and excellent service.

San Miguel de Allende is truly a cosmopolitan city filled to the brim with exciting, colorful culture, an experience not to be missed.


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