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New Zealand is a land of natural wonders and enigmatic cultures. With over four million people and 44 million sheep, it is a country that is slowly starting to utilize its many attractions to create a more stable economy and develop cities and towns. Over the last few years, visitor's centers and hotels have sprung up to help cater to the men, woman and children who flock to the countries shores in search of adventure, beauty and recreation. But that is not to say you will find yourself trapped amongst throngs of tourists and the victim of various tourist rackets - New Zealand is so large and diverse that there is seldom such a conglomeration of visitors in any one place. The capital of New Zealand, Wellington is more than just an administrative city. Set between picturesque green hills and a beautiful harbor, this city has all the funk of a young and vibrant culture as well as the luxury of abundant natural beauty

When it comes to city living, you will find all the pleasures of a modern city right at your fingertips - top class restaurants, convenient hotels, energetic night clubs, elegant bars or delightful cafes. There is something to suit all budgets. The food is creative and there are thousands of coffee variants just waiting to be explored. And these are just some of the delights to be found in the cities. One of the most beautiful urban environments on this planet, Auckland is ranked as one of the best places to live in the world.

If you head out to some of the more rural areas, you'll find pretty little B&B's, quaint farm stores and boutiques. Change is everywhere and there is a lot to be said for the hospitable locals. Along the coast, amazing beaches await you. You can walk along the sand, surf or simply lay about in the sun. You may even find a secluded section of beach which you can enjoy all by yourself. Queenstown, the mountain kingdom of New Zealand, is truly a wonderful city to visit. Christchurch is unlike any other city you've ever imagined. When you visit, you'll find an unusual but charming blend of history and modern conveniences.

New Zealand is also popular for the host of extreme sporting activities which can be enjoyed here. Try skiing on the breath-taking peaks, bungee jump, sky dive, paraglide or kayak. Perhaps you'd like to try your hand at luging or zorbing? White-water rafting, jet boating, horse trekking, rock climbing and caving are a few more activities to be found here. If you crave adrenaline, New Zealand is your destination.

But what if you prefer a more subdued holiday? Well, you can enjoy a few quiet walks or go 'trekking' (hiking) through a variety of landscapes. New Zealand is a nature lover's paradise. If you'd like to indulge, you can try a tour of some of the New Zealand wineries. Perhaps you're into culture and history and would like to see some of the interesting ruins, museums or art galleries in the area. There is really so much to see here.

Why not take a trip to New Zealand? It is rated as one of the 'most favored destination of new millennium'. After a taste of this fabulous country, you might just find yourself wanting more.


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