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A sizable amount of Asian immigrants have also immigrated in more recent years, resulting in a large portion of the current population being Asian. These immigrants have also had a small influence on the existing culture in New Zealand - especially in Auckland. A sizable population of immigrants from the Pacific islands can also be found in this city. This has resulted in a distinctive subculture which is very different from the Maori culture.

Some say that New Zealand culture can be defined as the three 'R's - Rugby, Racing and beeR. In the past, playing rugby, gambling on horse racing and drinking beer were favorite activities for many New Zealanders. Many still enjoy playing sport - particularly team sports. However, there is more to the culture of this country than these three things.

The Kiwi is more than just a native bird - emblems of the creature can be found on almost any item that stems from New Zealand. The nations bird is used on clothing, logo's and flags. It is also the name that many New Zealanders apply to themselves and the nickname of the New Zealand dollar. Most other things that are distinctly from New Zealand, are called Kiwiana. This term can be applied to the national rugby team, the Buzzy Bee toy, the Black singlet worn by farmers and shearers, the Kiwi bird, the Kiwifruit and many other things that can only be found in this country.

New Zealand has a somewhat 'macho' culture. People here generally prefer to get things done than to talk about doing it. Most adopt a spirit of ingenuity, attempting to solve any problem regardless of the odds. Unfortunately, it sometimes results in failures or badly prepared projects, but it has also resulted in some world-firsts. Richard Pearse created and flew and aircraft some nine months prior to the first flight of the Wright brothers - but his flight was quite uncontrolled - and John Britten created the V-1000 superbike.

While most artists struggle to sustain themselves if they remain in the country, the film industry is thriving. More recently the block busters "Lord of the Rings" and "Vertical Limit" were filmed here. A lot of television programs are made here too.

If you want to find about more about the countries heritage and culture, we suggest visiting Te Papa in Wellington, the New Zealand Historic Places Trust and the Ministry of Culture and Heritage. You might find a lot more than you expected.


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