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Palmerston North, New Zealand, is a city of many faces - faces of beauty, education and good-living. Known locally simply as "Palmy" this stunning city has a lot of offer both visitors and locals. The town was originally named "Palmerston" but, since another city of the same name exists on the South Island, the suffix "North" was added in 1871 to help distinguish between the two.

The city is situated in the Manawatu-Wanganui region of the North Island in the center of the Manawatu Plains. Originally the city now known as Palmerston North was established in a natural clearing in the Papaioea Forest in 1866. Unfortunately the forest disappeared as the city grew and today it is virtually non-existent. Populations grew rapidly and it wasn't long before Palmerston North began to serve as a major junction on the countries railway system. In 1930, Palmerston North was officially declared to be a city and by 1989, the city had grown so much that its borders were extended to include Ashhurst, Linton and other surrounding areas. Some of these areas are rural and serve as fertile agricultural areas.

Today the city of Palmerston North is a thriving metropolis. It enjoys fairly mild weather and experiences a lot of wind. This fact has been put to good use and Palmerston North is home to the largest electricity-generating wind farm in the southern hemisphere. The main streets in the city are arranged in a grid-like pattern around a central square park where you can find a warm memorial, a clock tower and numerous public statues. There are a good number of shops and caf├ęs and you can be sure that you will find a good quality Palmerston North hotel with ease. The city is also home to the Massey University as well as the International Pacific College and enjoys a lively student-life and cosmopolitan atmosphere. The Palmerston North International Airport is situated to the north of the city center and if you are traveling in a large group you may wish to investigate bus hire in Palmerston North.

Besides great city facilities, a laid-back atmosphere and a cosmopolitan vibe, the city also has a great number of walking tracks and garden. The Queen Victoria Esplanade is popular with young and old alike while the aviary provides entertainment of a different kind. You can also enjoy a train ride through the region. Palmerston North may not be everyone's idea of a great place to stay but this thriving city is definitely worth at least a short stop while making your way through the country.


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