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Norway is blessed with an wealth of natural beauty, from its rocky creeks to its turquoise rivers and glacier-capped mountain ranges. The long Nordic history manifests itself in an cherished relationship with the sea. The country's original seafarers, the Vikings, dominated a realm that spanned from the British Isles to Southern Europe.

The late 19th century saw Norway's artistic reputation rise with luminaries like Edvard Munch and Hendrik Ibsen. In the years since World War II, Norway has developed into a modern welfare state, unparalleled social services, little class stratification, and a high standard of living. As a result of Norway's prosperity and low crime rate, visitors encounter a safe and easy place to travel and can focus their attention on the country's main attraction - the breathtaking scenery.

Norway's Capital, Oslo, has grown into an eclectic city of 500,000, Amidst the city's ethnic communities and growing diversity remains a strong tie to its Nordic past and cultural identity. Its urban edge is typified by classy cafes, cool boutiques, and tight, trendy clothing, its natural charm lies in the pine-covered hills to the north and the blue waters of Oslofjord in the south.

Situated between steep mountains and the waters of the Puddefjorden, Bergen bills itself as the 'Gateway to the Fjords'. Despite being Norway's second-largest metropolis, the city has a compact downtown that is easily accessible by foot. Many prefer Bergen's west-coast feel to the rush of Oslo and the east.

Trondheim with a population of 150,000 is Norway's 3rd largest city and the leading technological center whose liveliness stems from its 25,000 university students.


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