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Explore the charming city of Balestrand

The charming Balestrand is located Sognefjord's shore, where Fjaerlandsfjord, Esefjord and Vetlefjord converge. Esias Tegnèr of the 19th century wrote about the stunning beauty of the region in his book "Fridtjof the Brave". The book attracted well known artists to Balestrand. When the pieces of artwork were viewed by the populous, people began pouring into Balestrand to admire the landscape featuring glistening white mountains and sparkling fjords.

As you arrive at Balestrands's neat harbor you will find the tourist information office as well as a few galleries, an aquarium and the art museum. There is much to do in the city of Balestrand. Popular amongst tourists is the Fjaerland ferry, Jøstedal glacier and Flåm railway. Bring a comfortable pair of walking shoes to Balestrand as this is the best way to explore the city and surrounds.

A walking tour of the city will take you along a lovely paved pathway with numerous benches from which you can view the exquisite fjord. Your amble along the fjord will lead you past some 19th century villas constructed in the Swiss style. Adorning the gables you will see dragon heads. About 1 km south you will discover two burial mounds which are from the Viking Age. You will come across many fascinating sights in Balestrand.

St. Olaf's Church was constructed in 1897. It was commissioned by Knut Kvikne's wife as she desired to have a church where English services could be held.

Of course Balestrand is most renowned for the Sognefjord, the deepest in the world (1 308 m). Many excursions are offered on the Sognefjord. You will enjoy this trip most in late spring when multitudes of fruit trees are blooming on the banks. Another popular activity is to go on a glacier excursion which includes a boat ride to view the Jostedal glacier and a visit to the Glacier Museum. The Norwegian Glacier Museum will explain how glaciers form.

Many visitors will hire a car in Balestrand to explore the area's surrounds. Bicycle hire is also available for making your way through the town.

Your stay in the quaint city of Balestrand with its unimaginably gorgeous surroundings will be utterly unforgettable.


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