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Discover the city of Bergen, Norway

Situated on the west coast of Norway, Bergen is the second largest city in the country. It was founded almost a thousand years ago in approximately 1070 and it has seen thousands of visitors from all corners of the globe ever since - mainly due to its incredible natural beauty.

In Bergen you will find an immense variety of natural wonders. Shimmering glaciers, snowcapped mountains, deep fjords and thunderous waterfalls all delight the eye and enchant the heart. There are also a number of isolated valleys which can be reached and enjoyed by a traveling some of the long, twisting roads in the area. If you are visiting between May and June, you will find these valleys covered in beautiful blossoms. Or you can take a tour of the many beautiful rivers and lakes in the regions. The two most impressive glaciers are the Brixdal Glacier and the Folgefonn Glacier. With so much snow and ice around, you can also try your hand at skiing or skating at one of the many resorts in the area.

Bergen has also played a large role in Viking history so there are a lot of interesting sights in the city. Shortly after its founding by Olaf Kyrre it served as Norway's capital until 1299. For many years it was a major trading post - mostly exporting dried cod in the initial stages. It survived as a major trading post until the 18th century. It has survied the black death, wars, fires and even an exploding Nazi ship. As you make your way around the city, you will find out all these interesting details and more.

Besides enjoying the many fine restaurants and rich heritage, you can also spend some leisure time at local attractions. The Bergen Aquarium, the Bergen City Theater Group, the Bergen Fish Market and the Fantoft Stave Church are just some of the interesting places worth seeing. You could also make your way to the Bryggen - a sort of Old Town with an abundance of old wooden buildings.

There are many more things to see and do in Bergen. You will no doubt struggle to find the time to fit them all in if you plan to vacation here. Even if you don't quite manage to do so, you will not be disappointed. Visit Bergen and discover its many wonderful sights for yourself.


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